For 30 years we have provided the music industry with domestic and imported Hardwoods. We have expanded our service offerings to include filling orders for small manufacturers as well as large production shops in the US and off shore

  • 8/4 Swamp Ash lumber Fas1f
  • 8/4 Honduras Mahogany FAS
  • 8/4 Equatorial Mahogany FAS
  • 8/4 Red Alder Superior
  • 4/4 Hard Maple Birdseye
  • 4/4 Hard Maple Quarter sawn
  • 8/4 Figured Redwood
  • Cut to size body blanks
  • Cut to size neck blanks
  • Other music woods also available upon request.

Let us put our knowledge and resources to work for you.


RFL has 35 years experience specializing in the wholesaling of wood fencing materials made of Cedar including the Individual species Western Red Cedar, Inland Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Redwood and our own brand of Chinese Fencing ( Cunninghamea Lanceolata ) marketed under the name EverWood.

Our products are shipped in truckload, rail-container and full railcar quantities. The majority of our sales are directlyshipped to customers from our numerous sawmill affiliates, however we also maintain regional inventories in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon with seasonal inventories in other major US cities.

Unique and Exciting architectural designs are often enhanced by the use of solid wood “Appearance Grade” exposed beams and timbers. Made from Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar, RFL’s beams and timbers are manufactured for various structural and appearance applications with a focus on environmental sustainability and responsibility. The majority of our beams and timbers are manufactured from trees harvested from private timberlands where they are cultivated for this particular application and quality level.

Whether purchasing materials to restore a 100 year old bridge or construct a showplace of architectural design, let the experts at RFL provide the “Appearance Grade” beams and timbers that are just right for your application.

RFL is a member of the American Fence Association and a regular exhibitor at the annual FENCETECH trade show. If you plan to attend an upcoming AFA trade show please stop by our exhibit to say hello.