A mat is solid hardwood timber laid side by side and bolted together to construct a strong platform. The mat distributes heavy equipment weight while operating in muddy conditions, or it may protect a highway from the metal cleats of a tracked bulldozer or crane.

We provide timber mats for all types of industries. Our Mats are used by many companies to acquire access to harsh or protected environments. We offer mats to protect the earth and form a stable platform to support heavy machinery and equipment. They are the ideal solution for working in areas with soft or shifting soils with inadequate sub-grades and our mats reduce risk to equipment therefore lowering overall expense on any given project.

Types of Mat

The two types of mat are shown below.

Cable MatThe type of mat illustrated above is composed of: 8" , 10" , or 12" beams of solid hardwood held together with 1' steel rods that run from one side of the mat to the other. The steel cables attached to the mat allow the mat to be moved throughout the worksite.
Exposed Bolt Mat

This mat, unlike the 1st has two spaces where the bolt is exposed allowing a crane to attach directly to the bolt on each end. This particular type is recommended for use on barges or where a flat surface needs protection from machinery.

A crane mat ready for delivery to a job site.