The RFL Group began doing business as a wholesaler of premium quality forest products in April of 1982. Incorporated under the name of Rain Forest Lumber Company, the lumber sold at that time was primarily manufactured in the temperate rain forest region of the Pacific Northwest. RFL’s initial focus was on the wholesaling of Western Red Cedar lumber products.


A successful wholesale lumber company is built on the experience and education of its people. The sales staff of RFL combines nearly two centuries of knowledge in the forest products industry into one entity. RFL supplies its customers with premium quality products at world class values. The company takes pride in its history of introducing new products, services and technologies to the forest products marketplace. Offered in conjunction with innovative methods of logistics and distribution, our commitment to quality products and top notch service is what separates RFL from the competition.


Mark Inglis

President and CEO of RFL since 1982. 34 Years of experience in the wholesale lumber business. Specialties include Western Red Cedar lumber products with an emphasis on fencing materials and Douglas Fir Timbers.

Email: minglis@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Dan Rice

With RFL since 1982, Vice president of RFL since 1996. 33 Years of experience in the wholesale lumber business. Specialties include Western Red Cedar and related components, imported fencing materials from South America and Asia.

Email: drice@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Janis Liddell

Corporate secretary-treasurer since 1983 and head of clerical administration. 25 years experience in the wholesale lumber business.

Email: jliddell@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Tom McCord

With RFL since 1997, 30 years experience specializing in providing Hardwood lumber to the music industry and architectural millwork trades. 1978 Graduate of NHLA grading school.

Email: tmccord@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Hayden Price

With RFL since 2000, 28 years experience specializing in Northern quality Hardwoods for domestic and export sales. Graduate of Alder grading short-course in 1981.

Email: hprice@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Mark Wilkins

With RFL since 2003, 21 years experience in lumber sales specializing in pressure treated lumber to the shoring and lagging industry and hardwood lumber. RFL maintains extensive inventories of treated products to serve small and large contract construction projects.

Email: mwilkins@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Patrick Yale

With RFL since 2007 15 years experience in Hardwood sales also specializing in dimension stock and moulder blanks. Limited sales of imported plywood, truck decking, industrial timbers and exotics.

Email: pyale@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929

Brett Martin

With RFL since 2007 5 years experience in Hardwood sales and distribution specializing in dimension products, moldings, cabinet parts and lumber.

Email: bmartin@rflgroup.net
or 1800-547-1929